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類型:入耳式, 插頭:L型, 靈敏度:105dB/mW, 最大功率:10mW, 播放頻率:7-40000Hz, 導線類型:OFC, 導線長度:1.2m, 比較 KZ Acoustics ZS6 價格,查看詳細規格、用家意見、相關情報及二手買賣,安心訂購產品享折扣優惠及購物保障


The KZ ZS6 could have been a great earphone but in this review we talk about why you shouldn’t buy them and perhaps look at getting something else instead.

作者: Scott Burnside

前陣子賣出IM03(OC銀線)+FIIO X5III後,外出只剩下EARPOD而家用就保持HD700跟K702, 而最近,板上的留言偶爾會出現ZS6,而且評價普遍好像還行,就買了一隻來玩玩。 之前的隨身組合,希望買家能好好珍惜QQ

17/10/2017 · 大家安安~我是曉菊~~好久沒有在行動板開箱了XD今天要開箱的是KZ的ZS6恩包含這支,這已經是我第三隻的KZ耳機了前面有ZST跟ZS5而且是幾乎連著買,連太座都開口說,你最近很常買耳機呢XDDD(因為ZS5跟ZS6實在長得很像,她就疑惑地說幹嘛同一支耳機

作者: Liangmax

The KZ ZS6 are probably KZ’s highest quality earphones, both in terms of build quality and sound quality. They are currently my favorite KZ earphones, and I even prefer them over my ZS5. The ZS6 are louder and much easier to drive, and the overall sound balance


If the bass is muddy and the vocals are distant you may have a defective pair (they are out of phase). Try reversing one of the cable connections and see if clarity and presence improves. If it does then your ZS6 is wired out of phase. The stock cable is awful and it

中華イヤホン「KZ ZS6」を購入したので、レビューしてみます。ZS6は中国ブランドKZ(Knowledge Zenith)の新モデルで、ラインナップとしては以前実機をレビューして感触が良かったZS5の後継機という位置付けです。見た目はもろ

2017-10-26 kz zs6金属八单元圈铁耳机好不好 3 2018-01-17 想知道kz的zs6是不是真的八单元圈铁,里面真的有动铁单元吗 18 2018-04-02 耳机选购,kz zs6或bgvp dm5哪个好? 2012-10-26 卡西欧(CASIO)数码相机 EX-ZS6夜间照相怎么照不清

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