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HKBN delivers exceptional broadband service at competitive prices. Enjoy our fast and stable experience at Ultra-Value.

Promo code(s) should be used within validity period, and Subscriber must have a valid service plan(s) (HKBN home broadband, home telephone service or mobile services). Unused promo code(s) will be forfeited automatically without notice or any compensation after the expiry date and/or Subscriber’s account is cancelled or terminated.

Those offers listed with details on the online registration platform may be different from those with our promoters. The online registration platform allows you to conveniently find the full range of service plans available, with details accessible at a glance.


Mobile Services Plans Thank you for your support of Hong Kong Broadband Network! Sorry! Due to unavailable broadband coverage or environmental constraints at your installation address, we’re unable to provide you broadband service at this time

A one-stop online registration platform for designated corporate staff to register fibre broadband and other services. 中文 | Eng Thank you for using Special Corporate Staff Offers – Online Registration Platform. This platform will conclude service on 2 September

Service plans Service plans 10G Fiber-to-the-Home Plan Monthly Fee $2,888 , 24-month contract, unlimited usage Home broadband Home Wireless Service plans Coverage Apps Infotainment TV Music Game Service plans Apps Smart Living

1. Mobile Services are powered by Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (“HKBN”). 2. Offers valid until 31 August 2019. 3. The above offers are only applicable to selected business customers. 4. When monthly local data usage reaches the plan’s data allowance

Designated Home Broadband and Mobile Services Plans are eligible for referral. You can first share your referral link with your family and friends. Using your referral link, he/she can directly access the eligible Services Plans and enjoy the referral offers Format of

SmarTone Fibre Broadband provides ultra-fast, reliable and stable broadband services (100M, 500M & 1000M(1G)), ranging from fibre-to-the-home to fibre-to-the-building. Subscribe now to enjoy online exclusive offers including free access to over 11,000 WiFi

透過香港寬頻的HKBN Wi-Fi服務,你只需以支援Wi-Fi的裝置,便可於遍佈全港的HKBN Wi-Fi「熱點」,以無線方式連線上網。 什麼地方可以使用HKBN Wi-Fi

1000M)optical fibre broadband service will be perfect for you. We also offer 100M and 500M broadband service plans as well. HGC Fibre-to-the-Home Service Optical fibre is

23/8/2018 · Dear Sir/Madam, When will HKBN be available on South Lantau (Pui O, Tong Fuk, Cheung Sha etc.) We are all really sick of the appalling service f

1 For Immediate Release HKBN Mobile Services Launches Market Changing 4G Plans $90 for 5GB Data, myTV SUPER App and Home Telephone Service (20 February 2017

Hi charliep, Sorry, after checked this installation address currently is not covered by HKBN broadband network. We cannot confirm the schedule of service ready because it

Here are the list prices of broadband services for your reference. For promotional offers, please refer to 「Promotion」 page or contact our customer service specialists. List

Legacy long-term management incentive plans such as stock options are limited in their effectiveness as they lack “skin-in-the game” commitment,

Netvigator redefines broadband by massively upgrading its speed and taking it to higher levels. Choose from 1G to 10G to suit your needs. NETVIGATOR Home Broadband


寬頻上網 23308372 我們能夠提供四大 寬頻 公司的家居 寬頻 ,商業 寬頻 以及電話的報價!請填寫以下表格,我們會為你 寬頻 報價!讓你格價格得精明!有關 網上行

For more information on pricing and tariff plans of “3ree Broadband’s” 1000M residential broadband service, please call our customer hotline at 3166-2222 or visit 3Shops or browse our website at – End -.

HKBN Limited (Chinese: 香港寬頻有限公司), commonly known for its subsidiary Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (Chinese: 香港寬頻網絡), is a Hong Kong-based telecommunication company. Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited was established on 23 August 1999, is one of the largest residential broadband and telecommunications

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With my current contract about to end, I’m ready to move on to a better home broadband plan. Just became aware that HKBN offers broadband plans with mobile services which comes out much cheaper when both are bundled together. However, my contract for

Legacy long-term management incentive plans such as stock options are limited in their effectiveness as they lack “skin-in-the i.e. these terms are irrelevant for normal “staff”. However, for Co-Owners at HKBN, these terms are our common language because

Today we announced the launch of our all-new HKBN mobile services. With prices to start from $88 for basic monthly plans, and further discounts when bundled with our fixed line services, we’re bringing a superior high-value choice to Hong Kong’s mobile

– The highest standards of the Americas Broadband – High-Speed Internet Access Ability – Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) Networks * The actual speed will be affected by the user’s device, technology, network and software used, network configuration and coverage

8/8/2019 · 其實HKBN/Smartone/CMHK寬頻有無分別? CMHK寬頻有冇人用緊??? 寬頻7月到期,求 PCCW /HKBN /CMHK plan cmhk 光纖1000M 點樣搵broadband smartone broadband 得唔

寬頻上網 23308372 我們能夠提供四大 寬頻 公司的家居 寬頻 ,商業 寬頻 以及電話的報價!請填寫以下表格,我們會為你 寬頻 報價!讓你格價格得精明!有關 網上行 ( PCCW 電訊盈科 )、 香港寬頻 Hong Kong Broadband 、 九倉寬頻 ( 九倉電訊 )、 和記寬頻

14/6/2017 · HKBN Mobile Services Introduces Greater China 4G Plans for Corporate Customers New World Telecom Renamed HKBN Enterprise Solutions HKBN & TVB Deliver Brand New Entertainment Bundle to the Enterprise Market HKBN – Important Notice

8/8/2019 · 其實HKBN/Smartone/CMHK寬頻有無分別? CMHK寬頻有冇人用緊??? 寬頻7月到期,求 PCCW /HKBN /CMHK plan cmhk 光纖1000M 點樣搵broadband smartone broadband 得唔

HKBN bolsters the strategic partnership with CMHK by launching market changing 4G Plans Click here for details January 2017/01 HKBN Mobile Services subscriptions surpass 70,000 2016

Fortress launches the home broadband service. You can register home broadband service when purchasing home appliance. Subscribe to designated service plans now to earn Fortress coupon worth up to HK$200. You may also enjoy waivers on 6-month monthly

Use the promo code“MYTVSUPER”during online registration of Home Broadband / Mobile Service Plans to enjoy Account Rewards ! Register Now You may also contact HKBN subscription hotline 3498 3498. Please click here to understand the basic If you

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Access Plan: 1000M Broadband Service + HKBN Wi-Fi (Please refer to the company website for the most updated terms & conditions. ) Promotional Terms and Conditions:

4/8/2016 · Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) is targeting 150,000 subscribers in its first 12 months of operation as the city’s newest licensed mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). William Yeung Chu-kwong , its the chief executive, said on Thursday that initial customer take-up would give the firm a

The System is designed to handle broadband performance tests within the territory of Hong Kong and enables broadband service users to measure the performance of their broadband connections on the following aspects

She added: “We are able to combine the strengths of our fixed and mobile networks and provide service plans that combine mobile communications, Wi-Fi and home broadband, coupled with popular,

9/8/2019 · 寬頻討論 香討為全港5大最高瀏覽率的網站之一,每月單一訪客人數過千萬,擁有超過550萬位來自不同階層、背景的會員。主要討論涵蓋新聞、娛樂、地產、財經、汽車、婚姻等話題,廣為香港人熟悉,可說是香港社會的縮影。 香港討論區